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Artist Biography:

Michael David Booth was born in Tampa, Florida and lived there until moving with his wife and children to Tennessee in 2004. He became a born-again Christian at the age of seven. Michael credits his study in the Word as a teenager in being instrumental in strengthening his relationship with the Lord.


Michael enjoys a long legacy in gospel music dating back to his father’s involvement in musical groups including The Toneys and The Rebels Quartet. Vocal music was part of the Booth household in Michael’s formative years but he gravitated to the drums, using his Mother’s pots and pans to practice his technique. Over the years, Michael perfected his drumming abilities and became a respected, award-winning drummer and was the recipient of a jazz scholarship to college.


Michael’s first attempt to sing came in 1989 at the age of 17. Although he had plenty of confidence when playing drums on stage, singing proved to be more challenging. Michael’s dedication and desire to minister through song overcame his fear and he became the artful singer he is today. Michael met his future wife, Vicki, at an early Booth Brother concert in Temple Terrace, Florida in 1992. They were soon married and have three sons, Christian, Jonathan, and Austin. Michael enjoys every opportunity to spend time with his family. Its amazing how the days fly by and the kids grow so fast, he says. I dont want to look back in 20 years and regret that I missed an opportunity to make a difference in my kids lives.


Michael was at the heart of the formation of The Booth Brothers and has served as the group’s emcee for the last several years. His warm, engaging personality has endeared him to audiences across the nation. Michael’s musical abilities offer a level of excellence that is appreciated by gospel music lovers world-wide. Humor is an integral part of Michael’s personality and glimpses of that special gift are evident in every concert. Michael has received numerous awards over the years including 9 “Tenor of the Year” awards. However, he is keenly aware of the serious responsibility of imparting the gospel message to every concert attendee. Michael says, “I want to make sure that God uses me to minister to those who need God’s touch and His gift of salvation. Most of all, I want to bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior”.

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