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Garrett Anderson was born December 20, 1998 in Arlington, Texas but moved to Anniston,

Alabama before his first birthday. He definitely considers himself an Alabamian. Garrett’s

earliest memory of playing the piano was at age four on a little toy piano at his grandmother’s

house. He took classical piano lessons from age 6 until he turned 18. He also studied jazz piano

for two years in his teens.

Garrett recalls attending a concert when he was nine years old. The artist performing that night

was The Old Paths, and their pianist was Trey Ivey, a Legacy Five alum. Garrett recalls that day

being when he said to himself, “I’d really like to do this one day.”

The summer before his sophomore year in college at Bethel University in McKenzie, TN, Garrett

had the opportunity to travel with Gold City as their pianist. It was then that Garrett knew he

could embrace this life when he achieved his goal of earning a degree in Music Industry studies.

That opportunity presented itself on June 10, 2021 when Garrett got on the bus with Legacy

Five for the first time.

Legacy Five is proud to have this fine young man on our team and we look forward to watching

how God uses Garrett’s gifts for His Kingdom’s sake.

Make sure you check our calendar for concerts in your area!!! Please visit for tour information.

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