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The Harper Agency Congratulates Its 2022 Singing News Fan Awards Winners

Singing News Fan Awards Winners:

Favorite Artist - Triumphant Quartet

Favorite Soloist - Joseph Habedank

Favorite Quartet - Triumphant Quartet

Favorite Duet - Jim & Melissa Brady

Favorite Young Artist - Wyatt Austin, Inspirations

Favorite Trio - Greater Vision

Favorite Tenor - Chris Allman, Greater Vision

Favorite Lead - Rodney Griffin, Greater Vision

Favorite Baritone - Scotty Inman, Triumphant Quartet

Favorite Songwriter - Rodney Griffin, Greater Vision

Favorite Bass - Eric Bennett, Triumphant Quartet

Favorite Album - "What A Wonderful Time", Inspirations

Favorite Soprano - Karen Peck Gooch, Karen Peck & New River

Favorite Song - "Start With Well Done", Greater Vision

Favorite New Artist - McKamey Legacy

The entire program will be broadcast on Friday October 7, 2022 at 7 PM EST exclusively on Singing News TV. Subscriptions and more information are available at

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