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Group Biography



Fans first experienced the exceptional four-part harmony of genre leader Triumphant Quartet at Louise Mandrell’s beloved theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in 2003. When they came together to form the group, the four friends realized they had stumbled upon something incredibly special.


The acclaimed quartet performed with the legendary Mandrell daily until 2008, when they began touring, taking their polished harmonies to churches, performing arts centers and auditoriums all across the nation. The members credit the country music superstar for helping them perfect their stage presence and pursue excellence at every turn.


Twenty years later, Triumphant Quartet remains a quintessential act in the gospel music industry. Consistently voted a fan favorite, the group has garnered multiple chart-topping hits, as well as Dove, Singing News, and BMI Awards, including numerous Quartet of the Year honors. Perhaps most remarkably of all, the StowTown Records group has become a household name without experiencing any lineup changes over the past two decades.


Now, as Sean Barber replaces original member Scotty Inman, Triumphant Quartet opens a new chapter of music, faith, and friendship as — together with Barber — founding members David Sutton, Eric Bennett, and Clayton Inman enter the next decade of ministry.


“When we first heard Sean sing, I remember I leaned over to David and said, “He is a singer’s singer, and he’s a phenomenal musician,” shares Bennett of Barber’s pedigree. “Not only could he sing like a bird, but he had everything we were looking for.”


Having spent years both leading worship and singing in quartets, Barber seamlessly fits in with Triumphant’s current musical direction that equally pays homage to Southern Gospel’s rich heritage and acknowledges the contemporary sounds of the day. This unique mix of familiar and fresh is most evident on their latest release, Hymns & Worship, a 13-track collection that effortlessly blends reimagined versions of timeless hymns with new arrangements of modern Christian radio hits, like TobyMac’s “Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight),” Anne Wilson’s “My Jesus” and Zach Williams’ “Chain Breaker,” the latter of which became one of Triumphant’s most celebrated radio singles to date.


Triumphant’s courage to experiment with a more progressive sound initially originated with their children. “Our kids fell in love with CCM when they were old enough to be a part of the youth department at our church,” says Bennett, an ordained minister. “And I thought, ‘If they’re going to love it, I’m going to love it, too.’ This music really touches my soul.”


Triumphant Quartet’s bond deepened as their families helped launch Connect Church, a growing congregation in their shared hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee. The church plant has become an integral part of Triumphant’s DNA. It’s a safe haven for the men when they return home and a significant source of community for their families when they’re away.


“We started with 30 people, and it’s exploded now. It’s running a little over a thousand every week. And for our community, that’s a big deal,” Bennett reflects. “The prayers and encouragement of our church family are invaluable to us. Our church basically sends us out as missionaries, and that’s a huge blessing to have your church come alongside you and support your ministry.”


Ministry is at the forefront of all of Triumphant’s efforts — regardless of musical categorization. “Over the last several years, our group has become much more ministry minded,” observes Sutton, who’s known for his impressive harmonica skills. Not only does Triumphant Quartet present the Gospel through music, but the members also share the Good News in between selections. “At the end of the night, our goal should not be to entertain, but to lead people in worship. You can be entertained anywhere, but an experience with God is a totally different level,” Bennett adds. “I care most about what the people in the chairs or the pews out there are going to feel. Are they going to be encouraged to walk a better daily Christian life? Are they going to give their heart and life to the Lord? We’re seeing a lot of that.”


And they’re hearing the stories, each night, no matter the size or scope of their audience. Stories of transformation. Stories of redemption. Stories of authentic life change. And those stories? That’s what motivates them to keep going.


“I think a lot of people come into a Triumphant concert with different things in their lives, different situations they’re going through. So, they come in for those 90 minutes, and they leave encouraged,” Sutton offers. “If we can be just a small part of encouraging somebody, then we’ve hit a home run.”


The uplifting evenings they’re able to provide people in cities across the nation are only possible because the men are consistently lifted up by their wives and children back home. “It’s not just the four guys getting on a bus,” remarks Sutton. “If we didn’t have support at home, we couldn’t do it.” The close-knit family atmosphere they’ve established both at home and on the road also extends to their crew, Adam, Chad, Shari, and Carla, who have all worked with the group for years. Sutton continues, “We feel God has assembled this team, and we are grateful for the part that each one plays.” Furthermore, the quartet has a longstanding relationship with their fans that’s been genuinely cultivated over their lengthy tenure through shared moments of worship, meaningful encounters with Jesus and countless interactions at the product table after the show.


As Triumphant Quartet continues to expand their repertoire — whether they’re stewarding a Southern Gospel classic, serving up an original or covering a popular CCM song in four-part harmony — the affable group continues to expand their fanbase. Every night, much to their delight, they look out to see multiple generations of families enjoying their concerts together.


“Ultimately, when we stand before Jesus, I really don’t think He’s going to say, ‘Were you a good entertainer?’ I think we’re going to stand before Him, and He’s going to say, ‘Thank you for sharing the Gospel and encouraging My people.’ Our goal is to share Jesus with as many people as we can,” Bennett concludes.


As they enthusiastically enter their third decade of ministry, the four men are more laser-focused than ever before on recording and performing songs that honor God, speak to their family-driven values, and help them usher as many people as possible into Glory. While this is a new and uncharted season for Triumphant, they look forward to what the future holds.



Eric Bennett - Bass Singer                                Sean Barber – Lead Singer

David Sutton – Tenor Singer                             Clayton Inman – Baritone Singer


Adam Bradford - Sound Engineer

Shari Pickel - Office Manager

Carla Sharp - Office Assistant

Chad Martin - Bus Driver

 Scheduled Appearances:



Label:      StowTown Records

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# 1 Songs

Yes (2020)

Even Me (2019)

Going There (2019)

Thankful So Thankful (2019)

Chain Breaker (2017) 2 months

Amazing God (2016) 

Almost Home (2011) 

Saved by Grace (2010) 
Love Came Calling (2010)

Artist of the Year

2020 Singing News Artist of the Year

AGM Awards  Male Group of the Year 2020


2018-2019, 2022 Artist of the Year

Singing News Fan Awards

Song of the Year 

Eye of the Storm (2021)

Bass Vocalist of the Year 

Eric Bennett - (2009-2020, 2022)
Life Time Achievement Award 2017 

   Television Appearances

Dove Awards 2019

WBIR TV Knoxville, TN 
Dr. Charles Stanley (IN TOUCH) Atlanta, GA 
Praise the Lord Program TBN Nashville, TN 
Main Stage TBN Nashville, TN 
Day Star Fort Worth, TX 
Gospel Music Showcase 
Halftime at University of Tennessee
Music City Show Nashville, TN

 Stage Appearances:

National Quartet Convention 
Canadian Quartet Convention 

Great Western Southern Gospel Fan Festival 
Gaither Homecoming/Tent Revival 
“In Touch” with Dr. Charles Stanley 
Silver Dollar City – Branson, MO 
Dollywood – Sevierville, TN 
General Jackson Showboat Nashville, TN 

Opryland Hotel Nashville, TN

Halftime at University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN 
2 times at Carnegie Hall New York City

2019 Dove Award for Southern Gospel Album of the Year "YES"

Traditional Male Quartet Group of the Year (2009-2019)

Male Quartet of the Year (2020, 2022)

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